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Salty Dragon Taffy Eggs- blue raspberry freeze dried candy

Our Salty Dragon Taffy Eggs are carefully crafted using only natural ingredients, ensuring a deliciously soft and chewy texture with every bite. The freeze-drying process further enhances their flavor, making them an ideal snack for any occasion.

Get lost in the sweet and savory goodness of our Salty Dragon Taffy Eggs with our freeze dried candy pack that is packed full of only one scrumptious flavor, Blue Raspberry salt water taffy! This pack includes only one of the classic flavors but there are so many for your choosing.

Each package contains multiple pieces of taffies for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones. Whether you're craving a quick treat or looking for a unique gift idea, our flavor specific pack is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Order now and experience the nostalgic flavor of Blue Raspberry Taffy with a twist. Sure to love,  Salty Dragon Taffy Eggs from the Salty waters!

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